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I often check several bulletin boards on the internet.
One consists of my friends who were members of guitar club in my undergraduate. The other comprise the friends of seminar in my undergraduate. The last one composes the fellows who are studing in Graduate school in America.

If I unload my troubles to them, then definitely all of my board members try to help me. That is exactly my source of energy, you know. Recently, I was so impressed that many friends rapidly responded to my distress in the buletin boards. I really appreciate them, deeply, honestly.
by yoshi_taka1009 | 2005-05-28 22:10


I have to decide my elective subjects until Thursday.....I am confused....

Cost Benefit Analysis

Environmental Accounting

Land & Catchment management

Natural Resource management

Ecological Sustainability

その他いろいろ だけど、上記のどれかで迷う。将来の目的とかが明確な人は迷わず関連科目を取るのだけれども、僕は将来なんて就職活動終わってからじゃないと見えないし、今の段階では決断は難しい。ただ、せっかくだからちょっと化学や生物の分野で授業受けておけば知識が広がりそうな気がする。いい加減日本の文系理系の概念から解き放たれないとね。

This weekend is going to be terrible.........because of my 4000 words essay. I haven't experienced so long essay so far. What I can do now is to continue to write down...........Good luck ......
by yoshi_taka1009 | 2005-05-28 11:18




He often collected the opinions from the villegers about Mekong River in Vietnam. This is called [ Participately Develpemnt Approach ]. Fro example, some people assert that they are affected by some development projects such as building dam. Conversely, some other people insist that they are making subsitancial benefit from the projects.

To arrange these various kind of opinions, and involving stakeholders sharing same interests seems to be remarkably difficult. However, my friend claims that if the manager has knowledge of both ecological system and economics, then that would help this conflicting situation.

That was interesting. Obviously, the person who has working experience has a clear goal to study here. It seems that I still need to think about my speciality and prosperity in the future.
by yoshi_taka1009 | 2005-05-26 23:35




How can Japanese master English ??
We know that to speak more of English help improve our English level. We know that to read more of English help polish our ability to read English.
We know that to write many essay help enhance our capacity for writing English.

However, why do we still suffer from stagnation of our English level though we have already done all the above practice through graduate school ??

Based on my experience in studying abroad, it seems that we lack significant element to be considered. In this paper, I would like to analyze the detail of the methods in order to master English.

by yoshi_taka1009 | 2005-05-25 20:30





by yoshi_taka1009 | 2005-05-25 01:04


All day long, I just kept working for the ecological system's essay. The title is that 'outline the pros and cons of using genetically modified organisms in agriculture, then critically evaluate possible environmental effects'..........2000 words.............

Actually, it took more than two weeks until today. In the process of this assignment, I learned a lot about how to reinforce the evidence I use in the thesis. Thus, nearly 40 references were used this time. These kind of skills should be useful when we negociate with someone. Definitely certain statistics or data can help persuate someone into something.

In addition, I studied about Genetically modified organizms (GMO) briefly.
In my opinion, there is still a very large negative potencial of using GMOs in agriculture because of commercialiation by Transnational companies such as Monsant.

After finishing the essay, I watched 'star wars episode 1' because I am planing to watch 'episode 3' with my friends after the exam. Today was merely the review of the story. Although episode 1 and 2 are enough to be exiciting, actually I like episode 4 5 6, which are more sophisticated story..... Originally, I started to watch star wars because my father is fanatic about it. It is easy to imagine that my father will be happy to watch it with my mother in Japan.

In the night, my friend called me from Japan. That made me happy because I have not contacted with her so long time. She seemed to be fine, she was a bit tired of her job, though. We were the members of music club in my undergraduate in Japan. I was quite happy to hear the recent circumstances of our common friends. Friends are exactly tresure, aren't they ??
by yoshi_taka1009 | 2005-05-23 02:09



Actually, I attended the tutorial class for ecological system in this afternoon.

Usually, there is no tutorial for the class, but the lecturer scecially set up the tutorial for the students who could not understand in the usual class. It means he worked even on weedend ! What a great teacher he is !!

In this tutorial covered marine biology and taxonomy. Recently, I am trying to learn exact science though I have no backgound about it. (My major was commerce in undergraduate). The more I know science, the more I like it !! I should have learned so far though it is too complicated...

To learn ecology is quite significant in terms of environmental protection. Sometimes environmental economics lack the ecological view and be unsuitable for the real problems. For example, in the economics context, people will cut the trees if the Marginal benefit exceeded Marginal costs. However, they are missing what will happen after cutting trees. Acturally, the areas can be a cultural farming land temporary, but it does not last for a long time. This is because the living things around the trees also die when people cut the trees. Then, the ecological system change suddenly, resulting in the shortage of nutrients in the soil. Therefore, the farm land lasts just for three years.

Anyway, I am quite happy to study the ecological system here. If I have enough free time, I would like to learn deeper, especially river ecology.....some day.....

by yoshi_taka1009 | 2005-05-21 20:33