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I went swimming with Hiro from Japan, Cris from German, and Alex from Australia. As I didn't swim for a long time, I really felt tired after swiming. We went to Dicson to eat dinner in Vietnamies restaurant. This was the first time to meet with Alex. Actually, he was kind and sour. They talked about Japanese earthquake and typhoon. As they seldom have earthquake in Australia, they seem to be interested in what will happen after the earthquake occur. After coming back here, I tried to read Gandhi's sutobiography in English while improving my English. Since I already finished this semester, I have nothing to do. It could be a good chance to read what I wanted to read though I could not due to busy life.

Three days ago, my grandparents and my mother came here to visit me. I just watched ANU and my Hall. Actually, they merely worried about my life, especially, what I am eating everyday. They seemed to look satisfied because they knew that the institution of Fenner Hall is cleaned by cleaner everyday and then I can access to clean kitchen. After they left here, they looked like enjoying trip in Sydney. For my grandparents, it was the first and last trip to a foreign country in their life. I hope they enjoyed this travel.
by yoshi_taka1009 | 2004-11-07 19:52