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Computer trouble

I got computer trouble today. My computer suddenly didn't allow me to connect to internet. I tried to fix it by myself, but I didn't know what to do. I was helpless against the computer trouble because I didn't treat computer before I came here. I asked Watt who is good at using compter. He tried to find the cause for more than two hour and fixed my computer exellentlly. It went without saying that I thanked him so much.
by yoshi_taka1009 | 2004-10-24 23:30

day off

Today, I didn't do anything. I just watched Japanese animation whole day. Because on Thursday I finally finished my major essay which title was Japanese environmental policy, I lost my concentration. On Friday, I collected books and journals for next major essay for development theory and Practive class. I needed holiday..... although it's my excuse...... I sware I will resume to study tomorrow!!!Maybe....Possibly....
by yoshi_taka1009 | 2004-10-23 22:27

Grammer test 2

I took second grammer test today. Because I just studied before the test, I seemed not to get high mark. The test challenged how to use noun, pronoun, article, verb, adverb, adjective and so on. It asked us to correct the wrong sentence. I regret that I didn't study enoght not because I didn't complete the test but because these knowledge can be useful in a daily life.
by yoshi_taka1009 | 2004-10-18 23:52

Chinese cook

My friend shanshan and Yali invited to Toad Hall and cooked Chinese dishes for me. I just helped cutting vegetables. The cook was so delicious. Recently, I am trying to cook while downloading recepi from internet. I would like to catch up with them in the near future after practicing cooking. I heard that Shanshan and Yali spend two hours to cook and eat everyday. I was surprised how Chinese stick food.
by yoshi_taka1009 | 2004-10-16 22:39


I watched Japanese movie, Quill which was the guide dog story.
by yoshi_taka1009 | 2004-10-14 21:58

Marine reserve

I attended lecture whose title was Marine reserve economics. Satoshi, one of my Japanese friend also attended with me. It had a lot of equation and complicated explanation. On the way to the presentation, I gave up to understand. Satoshi also seemed to be annoying. After the lecture, we went to coffer shop and talked for a while. Because he had a same range of intersts of me, our discution didn't know the end. I could really enjoy.
by yoshi_taka1009 | 2004-10-12 21:50

My Birthday Party

I was very very happy today becasue a lot of friends celebrated my birthday. Friends in Fenner Hall holt a birthday party for me. I got a card with messages and some presents. Asian food my friends cooked let me enjoy eating. Surprisingly, Gerry, Che Nee, Clemon, Siva also cooked cake for me. They and Jane also joined party. All the people who saw me said `Happy Birthday'. Actually, I was happy thanks to their kindness. Today became my memorable day.
by yoshi_taka1009 | 2004-10-10 00:57

Nettle Rash

I got my skin disease name. It is the nettle rash which respond to fever itself. If I feel hot, I get red rashes and dots with strong iche and pain. So, I cannot go outside for a long time recently. I am very afraid summer coming. Maybe I should go back to Japan after semester 2......
by yoshi_taka1009 | 2004-10-08 20:50


I went to watch Japanese animation movie, Totoro in the civic with my Fenner friends. This movie let me recollect what is important for human being and what is happiness. Actually, I was forgetting the dream I have in my childhood. Everything was the series of surprising everyday.
by yoshi_taka1009 | 2004-10-06 23:04

Preparation for presentation

All day today, I prepared materials for presentation which title would be Japanese environmental issues. I looked for information mainly in the web cite. It took less time than last time. Does it mean whether I grew up or I became lazy.... Anyway, showing Japanese cases is meaningful and significant in the international society. This could be the first practice.
by yoshi_taka1009 | 2004-10-04 22:12